“I am a retired widow with only my Social Security for income. I am delighted to be able to afford to live in a nice retirement community with my peers. We have the same interests and in a setting like this we have many opportunities to socialize and stay active.

Communities like Mariposa provide an opportunity for retired people, like me, to live in a facility that is well maintained and managed… I feel safe in Mariposa… Mariposa has many amenities that contribute to the active life of retired residents. Without such amenities, I would not be able to afford to participate in such a variety of social events. Staying active and socializing leads to better health and happiness, this in turn, results in less money for health care and less strain on the nursing homes or assisted living facilities.”–Ida, Mariposa Resident



“Without CAHFC’s   willingness on a lease-to-purchase and DPA Program, I’d have never been able to provide this beautiful home for my children.”—Tammie, Rolling Oaks, Giddings







“We are so proud to show off our beautiful brand new home.” Steven, Maribel and Derek





“It’s nice to live in a good quality community where people care for each other.  We’re all in the same age and income bracket.”Ray and Alma